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In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that achieve my goals. I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.

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I had learned few skill from Full Sail and also from the internet. I knew how to model, lighting and shading, texturing, animation and more. But! my main focus is on rigging and too building.

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My portfolio showcases personal projects created throughout my school. Subscribe to my site to get updated when I add new stuff.

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Great greeting to you who looking at here. My full name is Chee Wei Yap and everyone call me William. I come from Malaysia which is a small country beside of Singapore. I am so into the CG movie and games so art industry is the best place for me to stay. I am an easy going person who is open to any suggestion and critique.

My main focus is on rigging and tool building which make my role as a technical artist in this field. I was originally studying Civil Engineering but after some hard consideration and hard convince with my family. I finally get to the industry that I loved most, YAY!!!

I am at the very beginning of my career life now but I would be proud to say I had learned a lot and willing to learn more and more as I progress. Most people will consider me as a fast learner which is a good thing for me.

The main thing is do after work is watching movie and play games which is kind of obvious. The rest of the time I mainly spending time with my family, especially my cute little member on the right.